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[NEW] JDM Toyota YARiS MXPA1# KSP210 Door Edge Protector Genuine OEM

[NEW] JDM Toyota YARiS MXPA1# KSP210 Door Edge Protector Genuine OEM

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Fitting Model :

Toyota YARiS MXPA1# KSP210 (2020.01 - )

Parts Number :

Variation 1 / White
08174-00010-A0 (Door Edge Protector)
08174-00020-A0 (Door Edge Protector)
Variation 2 / Super Silver
08174-00010-B0 (Door Edge Protector)
08174-00020-B0 (Door Edge Protector)
Variation 3 / Silver Metallic
08174-00010-B1 (Door Edge Protector)
08174-00020-B1 (Door Edge Protector)
Variation 4 / Black
08174-00010-C0 (Door Edge Protector)
08174-00020-C0 (Door Edge Protector)
Variation 5 / Red Mica Metallic
08174-00010-D0 (Door Edge Protector)
08174-00020-D0 (Door Edge Protector)
Variation 6 / Blue
08174-00010-J0 (Door Edge Protector)
08174-00020-J0 (Door Edge Protector)
Variation 7 / Dark Blue
08174-00010-J1 (Door Edge Protector)
08174-00020-J1 (Door Edge Protector)

Parts Information :

Front rear 4 Pieces set

Note :

This is JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) parts, So please make sure the item is fit with your car before purchase.

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