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JDM Traditional Japanese Car Mitsubishi PROUDIA and DIGNITY

PROUDIA was a high-end sedan sold by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The first generation model was manufactured by them, but was produced and sold for only about one year. Then, in 2012, it was supplied from Nissan on an OEM basis (FUGA Y51), and was revived after an absence of about 11 years.

It is named with the intention of creating a top-of-the-line car with the dignity befitting a high-end sedan, one that can be driven with pride as Mitsubishi's prestige model.

The first generation PROUDIA was launched in 2000 as the successor to the Debonair. This model is as Mitsubishi Motors' top-range luxury car, and was in the same class as the Toyota Crown Majesta and Nissan Cima among its competitors. Its development was jointly developed with Hyeondae Jadongcha.

The design of the PROUDIA is vertical in both front and rear, giving it an imposing and dignified appearance. The large front grille also gives the car a dignified design that is typical of a luxury car. The overall length of the car is 5050 mm, and while it has an imposing style, the center tunnel has been kept low, taking advantage of the characteristics of an FF car, and the emphasis has been placed on rear-seat space with ample legroom.

There are two types of powertrains V8 DOHC 4500cc engine with GDI and a V6 DOHC 3500cc engine mounted transversely. The maximum output of the V8 DOHC 4500cc engine is 280 hp and that of the 3500cc engine is 240 hp.

It also has a sister model, the DIGNITY a stretch limousine version, which is known as the official car of the Japanese royal family. The DIGNITY is a model with 250 mm more legroom in the rear seats than the PROUDIA. And it is equipped with super executive seats that seat two people independently in the rear seats.

The Proudia was such a prestige car, but its sales ended in March 2001.

The second generation Proudia was introduced 11 years later in 2012. It is the model was supplied by Nissan on an OEM basis based on the Fuga.

The second-generation PROUDIA featured a redesigned front grille and front and rear emblems from the Fuga (Y51). Also, like the base Fuga, it was designed to have elongated proportions and an imposing presence, with an overall length of over 5 meters.

In the interior, the interior color was mainly brown, and the instrument panel, door trim, and floor console were made of handcrafted silver-powdered wood grain by craftsmen, while the seats were made of semi-allinine genuine leather, giving it a high-class specification.
In addition, the rear seats are top class with a long wheelbase of over 3 meters, ensuring the same level of space as in the previous generation. In addition, rear seat comfort was emphasized with rear power reclining seats, a control switch built into the rear center armrest, a rear private theater system with Bose 5.1ch surround sound, and a rear seat reading light.

In November 2016, PROUDIA was sold again, but after four years and a short life span, it was discontinued.