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The Corolla is a passenger car manufactured and marketed by Toyota Motor Corporation since 1966. The current model is the 12th generation.

The name "Corolla" means "flower crown" in English (a collection of petals), and was chosen to evoke an image of "an eye-catching, beautifully styled compact car".

The 1st generation was introduced in 1966. It was developed as an intermediate model between the Publica, an entry model with 800 cc displacement at the time, and the Corona, a 1,500 cc passenger car. The first-generation Corolla distinctive design featured a semi-fastback style with a lowered rear end, giving it a sporty exterior. The engine of the 1st generation "Corolla" was a newly developed, liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder, high camshaft, 1,077cc OHV K-type engine with maximum output of 60 PS at 6,000 rpm.

The 2nd generation "Corolla" was fully model changed and introduced in May 1970. It was larger than the 1st model in pursuit of safety, comfort, high-speed continuous driving performance, and luxury. The design of the 4-door sedan kept the semi-fastback style from the 1st generation. On the other hand, the coupe model, adopted the full fastback style, giving it a sportier appearance.

The 3rd generation "Corolla" was launched in April 1974. It was commonly known as the "30 (San Maru) series. The basic design continued to keep the semi-fastback style of its predecessors.

The 4th generation Corolla, which appeared in 1979, was even larger. The design was even straighter than that of the 3rd generation. The round four-lamp headlamps, which were common on luxury cars, were used on the sedan and van, while the coupe had two-lamp square headlamps.

The full model changed 5th generation "Corolla" was launched in May 1983. The 4-door sedan adopted the FF drive system for the first time in the series. The sports model coupe continued to use the FR.

The 6th generation "Corolla" was launched in May 1987. It was characterized by an increase in vehicle size over its predecessor, the 5th generation.

In 1991, the 7th generation "Corolla" was launched. Developed during Japanese bubble period, the 7th generation model was larger in length, width, height, and wheelbase than the 6th generation, and succeeded in directing an upscale image.

The 8th generation "Corolla" launched in 1995 was a model that returned to its roots as a user-friendly compact sedan. It was also a model that featured significant safety measures.

In 2000, the 9th generation "Corolla" was launched. Under the concept of "New Century Value," it was designed to appeal to the younger generation and featured a sleek exterior design.

The 10th generation was launched in 2006, the 40th anniversary of its released. It was given the sub-name "Axio," and its exterior image basically followed that of the 9th generation. It also won the Good Design Award of Japan in 2007.

In 2012, the 11th generation "Corolla" was launched. This model was developed under the theme of "a minimal-sized compact car that can be used by four adults for long-distance travel in safety, security, and comfort".

For the 12th generation, the Corolla Sport was launched in 2018, followed by the sedan and Corolla Touring in 2019. In addition, the Corolla Cross SUV was launched in 2021.
The current Corolla has undergone a major image change from its predecessor, with a lower center of gravity and more dynamic styling. The exterior design is sporty and stylish.

The Corolla continues to evolve, and I look forward to seeing what Corollas will be introduced in the future.