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JDM Traditional Japanese Car Nissan 180SX

The 180SX is a coupe-type passenger car manufactured by Nissan.

The 180SX is a sister model of the Silvia, and its body style is a fastback coupe with a short notch hatch gate.

The 180SX is a fastback coupe with a short notch hatch gate in body style. The 180SX is a fastback coupe with a short notch hatch gate in body style.
The 180SX is a combination of the engine displacement (the displacement of the CA18DET engine, when it debuted, was 1800 CC) and the SX, which represents Nissan's mid-size sporty coupe for export.

The first generation 180SX was introduced in 1989.
The body type of the 180SX was a 3-door hatchback coupe, as opposed to the 2-door notchback coupe Silvia.
The headlamps were square two-light retractable headlights.
The exterior of the new model had a more sporty image compared to the Silvia's sleek form.
The cabin section consisted of a gently curved roof and three-dimensional curved glass.
The rear and center pillars were of the concealed type, giving the cabin sides the appearance of being entirely covered in glass.

The interior of the 180SX was basically the same as that of the Silvia, with an integrally molded instrument panel, console, door trim, etc.
The interior of the 180SX shared the same basic design as that of the Silvia, with a surround interior that softly enveloped the occupants.

The 180SX's powertrain, including the engine, transmission, and suspension, was the same as that of the S13 Silvia.
The engine was the same for all grades, an 1800cc CA18DET type, with a 16-valve engine with an intercooled turbo.
It generated 175ps/6400rpm and 23.0kg/4000rpm of power and torque.
Transmission was a combination of a 5-speed manual transmission and an electronically controlled 4-speed E-AT.
Initially, only the 1.8L straight-4 DOHC turbo engine was available, with no non-turbo engine available.
With the minor change in 1991, the engine was replaced by a 2L turbo SR20DET type.
The maximum output was increased to 205ps, which further accelerated the popularity of the 180SX.

The exterior of the 180SX underwent a minor change in August 1996.
The front and rear bumpers were updated, the rear combination lights became round four-light style, and a large rear wing was installed.
The wheel design was shared with the Skyline, and a non-turbo SR20DE engine was added for the lower-priced grades.

In January 1999, the popularity of the less practical coupe model declined, perhaps due to the bursting of the bubble economy, and it was integrated into the 7th generation Silvia.
The 180SX was integrated into the seventh-generation Silvia and its sales were terminated, bringing the curtain down on the 180SX's 10-year history.