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JDM Traditional Japanese Car Nissan LEOPARD

LEOPARD is Nissan's luxury personal car that was manufactured and sold from 1980 to 2000.

The car's name, LEOPARD, comes from the English word for leopard. The name "LEOPARD" comes from the English word "leopard," perhaps because of its sharp image combined with that of a panther.

The first LEOPARD was introduced in 1980.
The exterior of the LEOPARD features a slanted front grille and headlights.
The long, elongated hood, the large, tilted rear window, and the trunk, which narrowed down in succession, were all designed to give the LEOPARD its distinctive appearance.
Both the 2-door and 4-door models featured a sporty design.

The LEOPARD was equipped with an L-type inline 6-cylinder 2.0 L or 2.8 L engine and a Z-type inline 4-cylinder 1.8 L engine.
The LEOPARD TR-X was also available as a sister model, and while the LEOPARD had variant headlamps with built-in fog lamps, the
The TR-X was differentiated from the LEOPARD by adopting square four-lamp headlamps, while the LEOPARD had variant headlamps with built-in fog lamps.

The second generation LEOPARD was introduced in 1986.
The Blue Bird's V6-powered "Maxima" was introduced, and only a 2-door coupe body type was available.
The exterior was changed from the Italian futuristic style of the previous generation to a classical design inspired by the first generation Soarer and BMW.
In particular, the "airflow form," a well-balanced design that resembles the numeral 6 from the rear pillar to the wheelhouse, is a distinctive feature.
In terms of powertrains, all cars were equipped with V6 units, with the 3-liter 4-cam VG30DE at the top.
Later models were equipped with the VG30DET (V6-3.0L DOHC ceramic turbo, 255 hp).
It was also used as the car in the dramas "Abunai DEKA" ("DEKA" means police officer) and "Daitokai 25 Hour" (25 Hours in the Metropolis), both of which were set in the Japanese police force.

The third generation LEOPARD was introduced in 1992.
All models were only available as 4-door sedans, and the name was changed to "LEOPARD J.FERIE.
The catch copy was changed from the previous generation to "I am with my beautiful wife" in a European style.

The exterior, like the Blue Bird sedan, has a distinctive style with a lowered rear end, similar to North American specifications.

The interior is composed of curves and curved surfaces, sharing the same image as the exterior, and is very different from the previous generation, giving the interior a softer impression.
The center console and the area around the driver's door switch are all finished with wood grain panels.

Two types of engines are available: a V8 DOHC 4.1L VH41DE type (270ps, 37.8kgm) for the Cima and a V6 3.0L VG30DE type (200ps, 26.5kgm) also available in the previous generation.
Each was mated to an electronically controlled 4-speed fully automatic transmission.

The fourth generation LEOPARD was introduced in 1996.
The name was changed to LEOPARD again, but the fourth-generation LEOPARD was developed in the midst of headwinds, such as the manufacturer's business slump, which was a complete change from the peak of the bubble economy of the previous generation.
Most of the major components of the CEDRIC/GLORIA were diverted, and it became a sibling model of the CEDRIC/GLORIA.

In 2000, the LEOPARD was unfortunately integrated into the Cedric/Gloria and its 20-year history came to an end.