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JDM Traditional Japanese Car Suzuki SWIFT


The SWIFT is a compact hatchback manufactured and sold by Suzuki that pursues a simple yet unique and stylish design and ease of use.

The name of the car is derived from the English word "SWIFT", which is suitable for a compact hatchback model with excellent footwork and good maneuverability.

The 1st generation SWIFT appeared in 2000 as the successor to its predecessor, the CULTUS. It was characterized by a simple but timeless and unique body style, a driver's seat with a good view, and a functional interior design that made it easy to get on and off. The powertrain was equipped with a 1.3-liter straight 4 engine, and the transmission could be selected from 5MT or 4AT. In addition, it was a model that played a role in Suzuki's global strategy, such as participating in the entry class of WRC as "IGNIS" in Europe.

The 2nd generation appeared in 2004. With a completely new platform and a 1.5-liter engine in addition to the 1.3-liter engine, it has become a full-fledged strategic model for the world. The exterior featured a wide front fender that emphasized the wide tread, as well as a simple yet sporty and distinctive front mask.

The 3rd generation appeared in 2010. While retaining the well-received parts of the 2nd generation, such as the exterior and maneuverability, the platform has been lightened and redesigned to a new, highly rigid platform. The wheelbase and tread have been expanded, making it a model with improved straight-line stability, turning performance, and comfort. The powertrain has achieved high combustion efficiency after a minor change in 2013. Another major feature is that it is equipped with a dual jet 1.2L 4-cylinder engine that boasts powerful driving and excellent environmental performance.

The 4th generation was launched in 2016. Despite the same concept as the previous model, it has a more aggressive and dynamic body style. It also features a front grille with a distinctive large opening and a stylish body design with a lively, taut surface configuration. The powertrain is equipped with a mild hybrid system in which the motor strongly assists during acceleration. The engine is a dual-jet 1.2L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with excellent drivability, and a newly developed 1.0L 4-cylinder direct injection turbo engine that achieves both smooth running performance and economy.

As for safety equipment, it is equipped with a collision damage mitigation system "dual sensor brake support" that uses a monocular camera and a laser radar method. In addition, various safety features are installed: erroneous start prevention function, lane departure warning function, sway warning function, high beam assist function, preceding vehicle start notification function, adaptive cruise control.

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