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JDM Traditional Japanese Car Nissan Elgrand

The Elgrand is Nissan's flagship minivan.
It is a minivan that features high design and high-quality finish.

The origin of the name Elgrand is a coined word that combines the Spanish definite article "EL" and the English word "grand". It has the meaning of emphasizing the majestic size and style.

The 1st Elgrand appeared in 1997 as a minivan type of caravan and homey,
Featuring a clean, modern interior and spacious interior, it was a model that sold more than 10,000 units a month.
There are 7-seater and 8-seater interiors that pursue comfort and quality, and the second seat of the 7-seater can be rotated facing each other. The third seat was a method that flipped up sideways, enabling various seat arrangements.
Elgrand's powertrain had a 3.2L diesel engine and a 3.3L V6 gasoline engine specification, and the drive system was based on FR, and an all-mode 4x4 was also selectable.

The 2nd generation Elgrand was launched in 2002. It was a model that realized a more spacious space than the 1st generation by expanding the floor and roof width, the interior length, the interior width, the interior height, and the dimensions between the seats.
The exterior has been redesigned from the first generation, and the front mask features a two-tiered grille and headlamps. The character line on the side gives the impression of a tight body.
Also, like the first generation, it used the Terrano platform, but the rear wheel suspension was a multi-link independent suspension, the wheel bolts were changed from 6 to 5, and the previous model had a rear wheel drum brake. From the 2nd generation onwards, 4-wheel disc brakes have been adopted for all vehicles to improve maneuverability.
As with the previous generation, the powertrain has changed from a 4-speed to a 5-speed with manual mode, and the shift lever has been changed from a column type to an instrument panel type to improve maneuverability compared to the first generation.

The 3rd generation Elgrand was launched in August 2010. The exterior styling is recognizable as the "Elgrand" at a glance, such as two-stage headlamps, a large front grille, and horizontal rear combination lamps and garnish.
In addition, the drive system was changed from the previous FR to FF and all mode 4X4, which made it possible to lower the floor and improve the comfort of the ride.
The powertrain is equipped with a straight 4 2.5 L and a V6 3.5 L gasoline engine, both of which are combined with an Xtronic CVT.
In terms of safety equipment, intelligent FCW (a function that detects two vehicles in front and alerts the driver with an alarm when it determines that the vehicle needs to avoid the vehicle due to sudden deceleration, etc.), Intelligent BSI (a function that assists steering operation to avoid contact with an approaching vehicle traveling on the rear side of an adjacent lane while driving), BSW (rear side vehicle detection warning), RCTA (reversing vehicle detection warning) ) and other equipment.

Keep an eye on the Nissan Elgrand, which is rumored to undergo a full model change.