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Japanese famous car Honda ODYSSEY.

9 June 2022

Model Name

The ODYSSEY is a model that combines a passenger car-like body with high driving stability and interior space with a low floor and a low roof that makes use of the low center of gravity, which sets it apart from conventional one-boxes and minivans.

The origin of the car name of ODYSSEY is English meaning "long adventure trip", and the etymology is Odyssey in Greek mythology.

JDM Traditional Japanese Car Honda ODYSSEY

The first ODYSSEY was developed in 1994 as Honda's first one-box minivan model to differentiate it from the competitors of its predecessors. Based on the passenger car Accord platform, we aimed to create a car with a large interior space that feels like a sedan, as a "minivan that does not look like a one-box", with a focus on stylish, low vehicle height and hinged doors that can ensure high rigidity.
A 2.2L 4-cylinder engine is mounted on the front bonnet, and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes are adopted. Due to its high driving performance and comfort, it was popular from the beginning of its release, and it was a very popular model in terms of sales, such as adding a production line.
With a minor change in 1997, it was changed to a 2.3L engine with a VTEC mechanism, and the driving performance was greatly improved.

The second generation ODYSSEY inherited the popular body design concept of the first generation and was launched in 1999.
The body size has a total length of 20 mm and a total width of about 25 mm from the first generation for the purpose of expanding comfort and usability. In addition to the 2.3L in-line 4-cylinder VTEC engine, the 3.0L V6 type VTEC engine was installed in the power unit, which was sportier and more advanced-oriented, and had comfort and driving performance comparable to that of a high-end sedan.
The lineup consists of a 2.3L / 3.0L engine, a 7-seater bench seat specification, a 6-seater captain seat specification, and an FF / full-time 4WD configuration.

The third generation ODYSSEY, with "low floor" and "low center of gravity" as its catchphrase, was even lower than the first generation, with an overall height of 1550 mm, based on the concept of a roomier interior than a sedan, and despite being a minivan, it could be parked in a mechanical multi-story parking garage.
The exterior of the Sedan was designed with a sportier look, and the interior was characterized by a curved dashboard and futuristic gauges.
The second-row captain's seat version was discontinued, and only a seven-passenger model was available.

Unlike the first and second generation power units, V-type 6-cylinder units are not prepared, and the installed engine is only 2.4 liter straight 4DOHC i-VTEC. The standard specification is 160 horsepower, and the sporty Absolute has been powered up to 200 horsepower. In addition to the 5-speed AT, some grades have adopted a CVT with 7-speed manual mode.

The 4th generation ODYSSEY was introduced in 2008, inheriting the appearance design and mechanism of the 3rd generation. At the same time as scrutinizing details such as visibility and safety, it was a model with further refined handling.

JDM Traditional Japanese Car Honda ODYSSEY

The 5th generation ODYSSEY appeared in 2013.
The concept has also changed significantly, and the total length has been extended by 4855 mm and 55 mm. The most expanded is the total height of 1695 mm, and the low and wide form unique to ODYSSEY has been changed to a general minivan.
In addition, the hinged rear doors of the past have been changed to general sliding doors on both sides, and the packaging has given priority to usability.
The power unit is a newly developed 2.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC gasoline engine and the first hybrid in ODYSSEY, and the advanced safe driving support system "Honda SENSING" is also available. It featured a full range of equipment that is typical of a premium minivan.

The 5th generation ODYSSEY of the premium minivan was also well received, but unfortunately due to the closure of the Sayama factory (in Saitama prefecture), ODYSSEY in December 2021 has 27 years of history since the first model appeared in 1994. Closed.