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Japanese famous car Mazda COSMO SPORT.

9 June 2022

Model Name


The COSMO SPORT was launched in May 1967 as a two-seater coupe model. It was also the world's first practical and mass-produced rotary engine-equipped vehicle.

The origin of the car name is from the English word "Cosmos" with the wish that it is an engine car suitable for the space era.

COSMO SPORT is famous as a dedicated vehicle "MAT Vehicle" of "Defense Team MAT" with the appearance of a mass-produced car, making the best use of its futuristic form on the TV "Return of Ultraman".

For the exterior of COSMO SPORT, we aimed for a design that embodies the words "feeling of flying rather than running" with excellent driving performance in beautiful and futuristic proportions. Based on the concept of "a design that can only be achieved with a lightweight and compact rotary engine," the bonnet is low, the engine hood is small, the rear overhang is relaxed, and the press line that runs in the center of the body is combined with a futuristic design. was. In addition, the tail lamp that was divided into upper and lower parts with the bumper as the boundary was also characteristic.

In the interior, the aluminum instrument panel combined with the full-pad dashboard is unified in matt black, and the non-reflective glass 7-unit meter (clock, fuel gauge, ammeter, speedometer, tachometer, oil temperature gauge, from left), The interior was fully trimmed with black vinyl leather, including the ceiling, and black and white zigzag pattern wool was used only in the center of the seat for breathability.

The Cosmo Sports rotary engine had amazing specifications with a total displacement of 491cc x 2, a maximum output of 110PS, a maximum speed of 185km / h, and an acceleration of 0-400m in 16.3 seconds.
In driving, most reciprocating engines made noise and vibrations from around 4,000 rpm, which could make even conversation difficult at high speeds above 100 km / h, but rotary engines are in the red zone at 7,000 rpm. It blew up quietly and smoothly.

In 1968, there was a minor change called the late model, which was equipped with an expansion of the radiator air intake, a new brake cooling port, an expansion of the wheelbase tread, a 5-speed transmission, and a hydromaster (boost device) for the front and rear brakes. I did. The rotary engine has been powered up by improving the intake efficiency due to the change in port timing, and the maximum output has reached 128ps.
Another feature was that the car cooler, which was a luxury item at that time, can now be installed as an option.

Unfortunately, Cosmo Sports was active in races and television, but in September 1972, COSMO SPORT, the pioneer of rotary engines, was discontinued after giving up seats on models equipped with rotary engines such as Capella and Savannah. About five years after its release, the cumulative production was 1176 units.