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Japanese famous car Toyota CELSIOR

6 May 2022

Model Name

The CELSIOR is a model that the Lexus LS released in 1989 became popular in the North American market, and in October of the same year, the model that laid the foundation for the Lexus brand was launched in Japan under the name "CELSIOR". At that time, in the midst of the bubble economy, the domestic luxury car market was expanding as Nissan Cima recorded an explosive hit, and in order to meet the demands of the customer base who could not be satisfied with the Crown. The CELSIOR was announced as a new model located between the Crown and the Century.

The car name CELSIOR is a coined word of CELSUS, which means "superior" or "best" in Latin.


The first CELSIOR 10 series appeared in October 1989. It has become a historic car that changes the image of Toyota, which had not had a luxury car that was conscious of overseas markets until then.
The engine was equipped with a 4000cc V8, and the highest grade was equipped with abundant luxury equipment such as air suspension.


The second generation 20 series appeared in 1994, and the appearance of the early model did not significantly change the styling of the 10 series. As you can see in the exterior, we have improved the platform based on the catch phrase, "Aiming for deepening without seeking change," and improved the comfort of the rear seats. In addition to comfort, braking performance, and weight reduction, the latter model has greatly evolved, such as a 5-speed transmission and the adoption of variable valves. In addition, the appearance of the latter model has changed significantly, and the engine has increased from the conventional 265ps to 280 horsepower by adopting a continuously variable valve mechanism called "VVT-i".


The 3rd generation 30 series appeared in 2000. The catch phrase of the 30 series is that "only CELSIOR exceeds CELSIOR", and it has greatly evolved according to the catch.
The engine has been changed from the conventional 4000cc to the newly developed 4300cc, and the design has become a dignified and elegant style. The door was changed from a press type to a sash type, and an easy closer was adopted.
In the latter model, the front face, fenders, trunk lid, etc. have been redesigned to give the earlier model a more sophisticated image, and the tail lamps are also LED type, giving a stylish back view.
The transmission has been changed from a 5-speed AT to a 6-speed AT, improving fuel efficiency.
As a safety function, a pre-crash safety system using the latest millimeter-wave radar, which was rare at that time, was set as an option.

As CELSIOR, the 30 series became the last model, and in August 2006, the curtain was closed on the history of CELSIOR.