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Replaced the front grille from Acura RLX to Honda Legend!!

Hello, today I got a photo from my customer in Canada.
This time, it is Acura RLX. This is the flagship model sold by Honda in Japan under the name of Legend.
This model is often purchased by our customers, especially from North America.

It would have been easy to complete the JDM version by changing only the emblems. But, since the shape of the emblem is different from Acura emblem, the front grille base and grille upper molding also need to be replaced.

The parts needed for the replacement are as follows.

75701-TY3-J00 Front Grille Emblem
71121-TY3-J01 Front Grille Base
71124-TY3-J01 Front Grille Upper Molding

Have a nice day!