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Is your speedometer lens clean?

14 February 2022

This customer is the owner of the Civic Sedan FC1 living in Israel.
In Japan, the "Civic Sedan (FC1)", "Civic Hatchback (FK7)" and "Civic Type R (FK8)" debuted in 2017, but they debuted overseas earlier than in Japan.
In the United States, in 2015. In China, it was launched in 2016.

Well, this time about the lens replacement of the speedometer.
The speedometer is the most noticeable part of driving and is prone to dirt and damage.
An Israeli customer also purchased a replacement lens because the lens was damaged.

Goto Purchase

Very clean, no stains!
I hope you continue to take good care of your Civic!

He also put an original JDM Yamato sticker on the rear bumper.
Thank you!

Thank you for the reading :-)