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I received a photo with a sticker from Australia.

3 September 2021

Mazda Roadster (ND model)

Mazda Roadster (ND model)

The owner of the Mazda Roadster (ND model), who lives in Australia, sent me a photo saying that he had attached a JDM Yamato sticker.

I feel the goodness of the product where it is arranged casually without making too much insistence.
It's very cool, isn't it?

By the way, the point is that the old Mazda emblem is casually placed at key points.
Our shop sends JDM Yamato stickers with the products you purchase.This customer purchased an aluminum pedal for Mazda MT, which is sold as a genuine Mazda accessory.
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We immediately posted the photo you sent to Instagram.
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We are looking for pictures of cars with JDM Yamato stickers.
You can send it to us or upload it to Instagram.
In that case, please add the tag "#JDMYamatoSticker".

Thank you for the purchasing :-)