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Honda Fit Center Console Accessory 08U89-TZA-010 / 08Z47-PC1-B00G

23 August 2021

Mazda Roadster Body Cover N243-V9-880

Mazda Roadster Body Cover N243-V9-880

A Singapore customer purchased a new fit center console box (with armrests) and a smartphone tray.

Recent models have excellent storage and are equipped with many storage boxes as standard.

However, you may still find it unsatisfactory.

Many storage accessories for the new Fit (GR) are sold by Honda Access as genuine Honda accessories of Japan.

Of those many accessories, I chose two, the center console box and the smartphone tray.

The storage capacity has been improved and a sense of luxury has been added.

Goto Purchase (Center Console Box)
Goto Purchase (Smartphone Tray)

Console accessories other than the above can be purchased from the following.

See All Console Accessories for FIT(GR)

We also send our stickers with the goods. He also attached the sticker and sent me a photo.

Thank you for the purchasing :-)