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Mazda CX-30 deflector repair part DFR5-51-PW1A

16 Feb 2021

Mazda CX-30 Rear Deflector DFR5-51-PW1A

Most of my customers are purposed at JDM custom, but there are many customers who purposed at repairing thier car also.

This time, we introduce a customer who wants to repair the Mazda CX-30 deflector. He have known the part number he needed before placing an order at our website (JDM Yamato), but he didn't have accurate information whether it really works. So he emailed us to confirm it.
Since the specifications of overseas models are different from those of Japan, so it is very difficult to understand compatibility correctly. However, we have been able to recognize from past experience that it works correctly. We immediately arranged the repair part and shipped it to him. He was able to install it successfully and sent us the photo.


Mazda CX-30 Rear Deflector before replacement


Mazda CX-30 Rear Deflector after replacement

Thank you for the purchasing :-)