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Suzuki Genuine Decal for Suzuki Swift Sport

20 Nov 2020

This is the Swift Sport ZC33S. It is customers car from Denmark.

Swift is made from Suzuki and this model is 4th generation. And the owner's car is the model custmized like sporty, so it is the Swift Sport!! It is also populer in Japan.

And, one of the enjoying of sports cars is not only driving like motor sports, but also to change the look by customizing the appearance.

The owner choiced some decals for the change the looks. In this time, he bought and install the below decals.

- Side Decal (99230-68R10-001)
- Piller Decal (99230-68R30-001)

His car is red color, so he choiced the black one, but gray is also released. If your model is dark color such as black body, the gray decal will work perfectly. Of course, other body colors are also ok. What is your choice?

Also, for front fenders, hoods, wheels and fuel cover have also been released.

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