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LEXUS LM Receives Partial Upgrade, Introducing the New LM500h Version L


Cited from Lexus

LEXUS has expanded the domestic lineup of the "LM" series by introducing a 6-seater model, the LM500h version L.

The current LM, which was fully revamped in 2023, aims to redefine its value and significance as a "Luxury Mover," as implied by its name. The goal was to create a driving experience and living space where all passengers can relax naturally.

Previously, the LM500h EXECUTIVE was available only as a luxurious 4-seater with two rows of seats. With this partial update to the LM series, a new 6-seater model, the LM500h version L, has been added. This model features spacious trims and an overhead console that extends in all directions, creating a comfortable space that respects the individual comfort of each passenger, even when carrying multiple people.

The second-row seats of the LM500h version L are equipped with multi-operation panels on both the left and right sides. The headrests of the front passenger seats can be tilted forward and adjusted vertically, improving the sense of openness and visibility for the rear seats, thus providing a more comfortable space. Additionally, the second-row seats combine two types of shock-absorbing materials with different characteristics and a soft surface, creating a structure that gently envelops and supports passengers from stopping to running. To reduce seat shake caused by road input, anti-vibration rubber is placed between the cushion frame and the leg frame, significantly reducing vibrations.

The armrests are designed in a curved shape to match the natural height of the elbows, allowing for a comfortable posture both during normal use and when reclining. Furthermore, the cushion tilt and lumbar support enable seating positions suitable for people of various body types.


The third-row seats of the LM500h version L, like the second-row seats, are designed to gently envelop and support passengers, providing a comfortable sitting experience. The seats have thick seatbacks and cushions to ensure comfort, and the shape of the seatbacks is optimized to maintain a natural posture even when reclining. Additionally, a second-row seat operation switch is placed on the deck side of the back door opening, allowing the second-row seats to slide and recline from the back door side without interference, thereby expanding the luggage space.

The powertrain of the LM500h version L adopts a "2.4L direct injection turbo engine + hybrid system (T24A-FTS)" with a "Direct Shift-6AT" transmission.

The LM500h version L, a 6-seater minivan ideal for those needing to accommodate many passengers, might be the perfect choice for you.