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Honda N-VAN Partially Upgraded with Special Edition "STYLE+ NATURE" Released


Cited from Honda

Honda has partially upgraded its light commercial van "N-VAN" and released it on April 19th. Additionally, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the N series, Honda simultaneously released the special edition model "STYLE+ NATURE," featuring an outdoor style harmonizing with nature, from its new brand "N STYLE+."

The N-VAN, introduced in 2018 as the fourth installment of Honda's "N Series" and the first light commercial vehicle in the series, was developed to set new standards for light vans. It prioritizes features such as spacious interior and user-friendly cargo space while equipping advanced safety driving support system "Honda Sensing" as standard in all vehicles. It has received high praise from a wide range of users, from commercial to hobby use.

In this round of partial upgrades for the Honda N-VAN, while maintaining features such as the large cargo space demanded in light vans, the ease of use of the cargo space with the assistant seat pillarless design, and the appeal of the 6MT setting, Honda has newly adopted the "Sudden Acceleration Suppression Function" of Honda Sensing to suppress acceleration when the accelerator and brake pedals are mistakenly pressed simultaneously.

Additionally, for the G・L grade 4WD, usability has been improved by adding heated door mirrors to ensure clear visibility even in bad weather by removing fog and raindrops. Furthermore, for the FUN grade, two colors, "Autumn Yellow Pearl" and "Botanical Green Pearl," have been added to enhance the enjoyment of choosing a car.

The "N STYLE+" series aims to meet the needs of customers seeking uniquely individual designs and proposes various worldviews of N. The newly introduced "STYLE+ NATURE," based on the FUN grade, expresses an outdoor style that blends with nature.


In the exterior of the "STYLE+ NATURE," elements such as matte black & piano black front grille, black outer door handles, black rear license garnish, and wheel caps finished in silver & black have been added to enhance the sense of gear. Additionally,


The interior of the "STYLE+ NATURE" features a khaki-based color scheme, creating a natural space.

For the powertrain of the "STYLE+ NATURE," the same 0.66L non-turbo engine is used as before, with only the FUN grade having a turbocharged engine. Both FF and 4WD are available in all grades. Transmission options include CVT, and 6-speed MT is also available for the G grade and FUN grade.

Why not go outdoors with the safer Honda N-VAN?