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Cited from Toyota
Toyota has introduced a new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version to the CROWN SPORT lineup, which was released on December 19th.

The CROWN SPORT, part of the "Crown Series" with four variants, is the sportiest SUV in terms of both interior and exterior design.

The newly introduced CROWN SPORT PHEV aims to elevate the "joy of driving" pursued by CROWN SPORT by emphasizing a sporty flavor, built upon the quality of hybrid vehicles (HEV).

For the exterior of the CROWN SPORT PHEV, it adopts specially designed matte black-painted alloy wheels with 21-inch large-diameter and wide-width tires, featuring distinctive triple spokes and slim layer spokes for a premium and sporty look.
In the interior of the CROWN SPORT PHEV, a glamorous black and sensual red color scheme is applied asymmetrically to the driver and passenger sides. The driver's side is unified in black to enhance concentration during driving. Red-colored seat belts for both the front and rear seats contribute to the sporty feel. Furthermore, sports seats with red stitching are equipped to provide a firm grip for the driver and enhance the excitement of driving.

The powertrain of the CROWN SPORT PHEV features a 2.5-liter plug-in hybrid system, providing a system maximum output of 225 kW (306 PS). The power is distributed seamlessly to all four wheels through the E-Four (electric 4WD system), ensuring confident driving even during cornering, snowfall, and rainy conditions.

The large-capacity lithium-ion battery is positioned under the car's central floor, preserving interior space.

In addition, the AVS system is adopted based on the SPORT Z grade, optimizing the front and rear shock absorbers and independently controlling the damping force of all four wheels according to road conditions and driving operations, resulting in a smooth ride with good road feel. Other enhancements include the use of paddle shifters, 20-inch ventilated front disc brakes to improve braking performance, and overall improved performance.

The PHEV offers the convenience of the "My Room Mode," which allows the use of air conditioning and audio when the power switch is turned on during regular charging, using external power. This enables comfortable and engine-free interior time, turning the car interior into another room for teleworking or resting. Additionally, it comes with a standard external power supply function of up to 1500W (AC100V), useful during power outages, emergencies, or outdoor activities.

Why not take a drive with the more enjoyable CROWN SPORT PHEV?