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Nissan Skyline NISMO is now available.


Cited from Nissan 

On August 8, Nissan announced the Skyline NISMO and the special edition Skyline NISMO Limited. The "SKYLINE NISMO" will be limited to 1,000 units and will go on sale in early September.

The first generation of the Skyline was introduced in 1957, and the current model is the 13th generation, introduced in 2013.

The Skyline NISMO, now on sale, is based on the Skyline 400R and was developed by combining aerodynamics and chassis technologies that utilize NISMO's unique racing technologies to create the ultimate GT car that is faster, more comfortable, and more reliable.


The exterior of the Skyline NISMO features front and rear bumpers and side sill covers exclusive to the Skyline NISMO, supplemented by bright red accents, NISMO-specific fog lights, NISMO emblems, and other design elements common to the new generation of NISMO cars, making the NISMO design instantly recognizable. The design is instantly recognizable as NISMO. The design also pays homage to the surfing line that runs from front to rear through the center of the rear wheel on the body side, expressing the strength of the Skyline of yesteryear.
The Skyline NISMO body color lineup includes the exclusive NISMO Stealth Gray, Brilliant White Pearl, Meteor Flake Black Pearl, Dark Metal Gray, and Carmine Red.


The interior of the Skyline NISMO features the same high quality of the Skyline 400R, all in black, with a NISMO-exclusive leather-wrapped steering wheel with red center markings around the cockpit, a 280 km/h scale speedometer, and a red-ring tachometer with the NISMO logo. The cockpit is equipped with a red center mark on the leather-wrapped steering wheel, a 280 km/h speedometer, and a red ring tachometer with the NISMO logo. In addition, NISMO's exclusively tuned RECARO sports seats are available as an option, with suede upholstery carefully positioned to provide a high degree of body pressure retention in the center of the seat even during sharp turns. In addition, the seat surface structure optimizes the dispersion of body pressure when seated, providing the comfort required for grand touring.

The powertrain of the "Skyline NISMO" is a V6 DOHC 3.0-liter direct injection turbo engine from the "Skyline 400R" tuned exclusively for NISMO by the same developers involved in the development of the SUPER GT GT500 race engine, using the same development facilities. As a result, maximum output has been increased by 11 kW (15 PS) from the Skyline 400R to 309 kW (420 PS) at 6400 rpm, and maximum torque has been increased by 75 Nm to 550 Nm (56.1 kgfm) at 2800-4400 rpm.
In addition to STANDARD, SPORT and SPORT+ are available as driving modes. In SPORT/SPORT+, a NISMO-specific AT gearshift schedule is adopted to keep the engine revving at a higher rpm for even more responsive driving during sport driving.