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On August 1, Nissan announced the 2024 model year of the "FAIRLADY Z" to be sold in Japan, and the "FAIRLADY Z NISMO" has been newly added to the lineup.

The first generation of the FAIRLADY Z was launched in 1969. The current model is the seventh generation of the FAIRLADY Z, which will be remodeled in 2022, and features a design that pays homage to its predecessors.

The new "FAIRLADY Z NISMO" is a high-performance model based on the regular "FAIRLADY Z" model with various "NISMO" exclusive tuning.
The engine output has been increased from 298 kW (405 PS) to 309 kW (420 PS) and the maximum torque from 475 Nm (48.4 kgfm) to 520 Nm (53.0 kgfm). The only transmission available is a full-range electronically controlled 9-speed automatic (9M-ATx) with manual mode that enables agile shift changes by improving shifting response and durability.
For brakes, a dedicated "NISMO" brake system has been adopted for full-fledged sports driving. In addition, three drive modes, including the "NISMO" exclusive SPORT+ mode, are available for optimal tuning according to the usage scenario.


 The exterior of the new FAIRLADY Z NISMO features "NISMO" exclusive parts on the front grille, front and rear bumpers, fender moldings, side sill protectors, rear spoiler, and rear LED fog lamps. The design creates a low center of gravity and a long, extended sense of speed, enhancing downforce and improving aerodynamic performance. The mesh of the front grille is a honeycomb design with low ventilation resistance, which was also used on the 2024 NISSAN GT-R model, and its cooling efficiency has been improved through a synergistic effect with the air-guide slope shaped to scoop out the wind. In addition, the newly available 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with gloss black paint have a nine radial spoke design that is both rigid and lightweight, while the rims are wider.
A total of five body colors are available, including the exclusive NISMO Stealth Gray/Super Black 2-tone body color.


 The interior of the new FAIRLADY Z NISMO is based on the simple and sporty interior of the FAIRLADY Z, and combines colors and materials that further enhance the driver's focus on driving and boost the sporty driving experience.
The RECARO sports seats, tuned exclusively for the "NISMO" model, combine black perforated Alcantara and leather materials to provide both non-slip functionality and a high-quality feel.

Why not take the special new "FAIRLADY Z NISMO" for a sports drive?