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Nissan made minor changes to Kei-car "ROOX"

ROOX is a Kei-car that was planned and developed with the aim of creating a light minivan that makes outings with the family more enjoyable, with advanced safety technologies such as the "Pro Pilot" driving assist system, and a focus on user-friendliness.

The ROOX's minor changes include a spacious interior, convenient and comfortable usability, and stable driving performance, as well as the newly adopted "Intelligent Room Mirror" as a factory-installed option, which ensures clear visibility in situations where rearward visibility is obstructed or in bad weather, and "LED The safety equipment has been further enhanced with the addition of "LED headlights" and "automatic anti-dazzle room mirror with display" as standard equipment for all model grades.

The exterior of the ROOX has been redesigned with a new-age V-motion front grille that refines the dynamic and luxurious feel that is popular on the current model. the ROOX series has a fresh design by integrating the headlights and grille to create a three-dimensional effect, and the Highway Star Series combines the next-generation digital V-motion, which has evolved into a wider bumper, for a higher quality, more modern tech look.
In terms of body colors, the ROOX series offers two two-tone and seven monotone colors, including the new "KANJUKU CASSIS," which is inspired by blackcurrant julep, while the ROOX Highway Star series offers five two-tone and seven monotone colors, for a total of 19 color variations.

The ROOX interior features new colors for the instrument panel, door trim, and seat upholstery, creating a more unified, high-quality interior.
The Highway Star G Turbo and Highway Star G Turbo ProPilot Edition feature a leather instrument panel with striking cassis-colored accent stitching, creating a refined, high-quality design.

In addition, the Comfort Pack (rear ceiling fan with plasma cluster technology, personal table, cup holder, USB socket, roll-up sunshade, and water-repellent seats), previously a factory-installed option, is now standard equipment for the Highway Star series. A leather-wrapped heated steering wheel is also available for cold-weather models to make winter driving more comfortable.

The ROOX's powertrains include an inline 3-cylinder DOHC 0.66-liter DOHC + SM21 motor and an inline 3-cylinder DOHC 0.66-liter turbo + SM21 motor, each of which is mated to an XTRONIC CVT. The 2WD and 4WD options are also available.