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LEXUS Introduces New BEV Model RZ450e

LEXUS launched the new RZ, a battery electric vehicle (BEV) exclusive model, on March 30.

The new RZ is LEXUS' first model developed exclusively for BEVs, and in addition to the adoption of a BEV-specific platform (e-TNGA), the vehicle's basic performance has been significantly improved through the ideal inertia parameters achieved by optimal battery and motor placement and a lightweight and highly rigid body.

The exterior of the RZ450e expresses the seamless acceleration and torquey dynamism that only a BEV can deliver, and the "spindle body" is designed to be integrated with the massive body, aiming for functional evolution and further aerodynamic performance improvement of BEVs that do not require engine or other cooling.
The rear is characterized by a strongly protruding rear fender design with slender, single-character rear combination lamps that are connected to the left and right sides of the vehicle.
The roof spoiler is boldly cut in the center to improve aerodynamic performance by increasing wind convergence at the rear of the vehicle.
The headlamps are fully LED, with L-shaped daytime running lights and AHS function.
The outer mirrors are attached to the door panels to increase diagonal forward visibility and reduce wind noise. Other new features include emblems that emit light at night.

The RZ450e's interior design features the TAZUNA Cockpit, which is designed for driver operability.
The dial shift knob is a first for LEXUS and enables smoother and more reliable driving operation.
The front seats are made of ultra-suede, and the seat structure adopts a TNGA frame that keeps the driver's posture even after long hours of driving. The rear seats have a 6:4 split-folding design, and the seatback structure has been modified to reduce head shaking and prevent intoxication.
An interior illumination package with indirect lighting is also available to enhance the beauty of the interior design and materials.
A panoramic roof that extends from the front seats to the rear seats is available as a factory-installed option.

The RZ450e's powertrain features a 150 kW/266 Nm front motor and an 80 kW/169 Nm rear motor for a total power output of 71.4 kWh. When fully charged, the cruising range is 494 km.
The RZ450e is equipped with the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive power system, and drive power distribution control can be controlled between 100:0 and 0:100 (front wheels:rear wheels) using information from wheel speed sensors, acceleration sensors, and steering angle sensors.

The RZ450e's safety features include the Lexus Safety System +, an advanced preventive safety technology.
The driver monitor, which can be installed as an option, detects sideways driving, etc., and can suppress lane departures, etc., at an earlier stage.

Why not go for a drive in the RZ450e, an advanced battery electric vehicle?