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Partially improved Lexus UX300e

Lexus has launched the UX300e, a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) model in the UX series, with some improvements.

The UX is an urban compact crossover that joined the Lexus lineup in 2018 under the concept of "Creative Urban Explorer" and aims to be a catalyst for exploring new lifestyles.
In addition to its distinctive design and easy handling body size, the UX300e also features the high-quality driving experience and excellent quietness that only a BEV can offer.

The UX300e's recent partial upgrade has increased battery capacity from 54.4 kWh to 72.8 kWh through the introduction of a newly developed battery pack. As a result, the cruising range has been extended to 512 km, an improvement of more than 40% over the previous model, and the basic performance has evolved as a BEV. In addition, efforts have been made to evolve advanced equipment, including expanded functions for preventive safety technologies and the latest multimedia system.

In terms of the UX300e's driving performance, in addition to the "performance damper" installed as standard equipment in the rear, body rigidity has been strengthened by adding 20 spot welding points on the body, and the battery pack functions as a sound barrier to reduce wind noise, pebbles, and sand, resulting in a quieter interior space. This has resulted in a quieter interior space.
Furthermore, to further enhance the basic performance of the BEV's unique low center of gravity package, which is achieved by the under-floor placement of the battery pack, thorough driving tests were conducted at Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama to optimize the EPS and absorbers to achieve a clean and deep driving experience.

The UX300e's Lexus Safety System + preventive safety technologies include a monocular camera and millimeter-wave radar with improved performance to detect bicyclists during the day and pedestrians at night, a pre-crash safety system with expanded coverage, and a driver error response system to prevent accidents and further reduce traffic injuries. The new system also includes a driver error response system to prevent accidents and reduce the burden on the driver.

Other features include the addition of a digital key and a panoramic view monitor with under-floor transparency display function for improved usability.
The digital key enables a smartphone to be used as a digital key for vehicles with this function by installing a dedicated smartphone application.

In addition, the latest multimedia system with a larger/higher-resolution 12.3-inch touch display is equipped, and is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

The shape and switch layout of the instrument panel and console area have also been optimized.

Experience high-quality driving and excellent quietness with the UX300e, an advanced battery EV.