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Partially improved Subaru WRX S4, and Levorg!

Subaru has launched the WRX S4 and Levorg with partial improvements.

The WRX S4 is a high-performance sports sedan that epitomizes Subaru's 4WD performance, combining outstanding driving performance with the practicality of a 4-door sedan, with every aspect of performance refined, including dynamic performance, handling stability, quietness and ride comfort.
As for the powertrain, all models are powered by a 2.4L BOXER Direct Injection Turbo "DIT", and the drive system is AWD (always all-wheel drive).

The Levorg, on the other hand, is a model that inherits Subaru's DNA of grand touring, which has been passed down from generation to generation: "Farther, Faster, More Comfortable, and Safer. It is a performance wagon that brings together Subaru's latest technologies to innovatively evolve three values: "advanced safety," "sportiness," and "wagon value.
The powertrains are a 1.8-liter horizontally opposed 4-cylinder direct injection DOHC turbo and a 2.4-liter horizontally opposed 4-cylinder direct injection DOHC turbo, and the drive system is AWD (always all-wheel drive).

The main focus of the partial improvement this time is the enhancement of functions and equipment. An automatic turn-off function has been added in case the driver forgets to turn off the headlamps or interior lights. In addition, the smart key sleep function and motion sensor have been adopted to strengthen the security function as a measure against relay attacks.

Relay attack is a method of car theft that exploits the mechanism of "smart keys," which have been adopted in many cars in recent years.
With a smart key, there is no need to insert the car key into the keyhole and turn it, as is conventionally done, and the car can be unlocked by touching the doorknob with the car key. The engine can also be started by pressing the start button while wearing the smart key.
The radio waves that the smart key constantly emits are weak and would normally not be recognized unless you get close to the car. However, a special device can catch and amplify the weak radio waves, and by relaying these signals to the vehicle, it is possible to unlock the doors and start the engine. Overseas, damage began to occur around 2010, mainly in Europe. In Japan, damage began to occur around 2017 and continues to increase.
By taking these measures, this function will protect your precious car from theft.

 In addition, the operability of the lighting switch has been reviewed and changed from one position to two positions, separating "Vehicle Width Lights/Tail Lights & OFF" into "Vehicle Width Lights/Tail Lights" and "OFF," improving the operability of the switch.
Other than this, there are no changes to the exterior or interior.

Which would you choose, the more attractive WRX or Levorg?