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Toyota GAZOO Racing GR Corolla lottery sale started!

On December 2, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing began accepting applications for the GR Corolla RZ and GR Corolla RZ "MORIZO Edition" by lottery.
The "GR Corolla RZ" will be sold by lottery for 500 units, and additional sales will be considered based on future production status. The "GR Corolla RZ MORIZO Edition," a two-seater model with refined driving performance, will be sold in a lottery of 70 units.

The GR Corolla was developed by putting into practice the concept of "creating a better car with motorsports as its starting point," which is to take a car that has been trained to win races and make it commercially available.
Based on the current Corolla Sport, it will be a high-performance model equipped with the GR-4 4WD drive system and a 1.6L inline 3-cylinder turbo engine with 6MT transmission.

The GR Corolla RZ offers both everyday usability and driving pleasure at a high level by retaining the convenience of the Corolla Sport's 5-door, 5-seat configuration.

The exterior of the GR Corolla RZ features a front design with a large-aperture under-grille that matches the radiator shape that is the face of GR.
The rear design is particularly eye-catching with a three-piece muffler with valves.
Tires and wheels include 235/40R18 tires and BBS 8.5J forged aluminum wheels with a Japanese sword motif.
In addition, the body is based on the Corolla Sport body with a wide tread to improve handling stability during sport driving.

In the powertrain, the 1.6L inline 3-cylinder turbo engine, also mounted on the GR Yaris, has been further boosted to a maximum output of 304 PS (224 kW) by adopting a three-valve muffler that opens the exhaust valve to reduce exhaust pressure at high rpm, thereby improving exhaust efficiency.
The GR-FOUR sports 4WD system mounted on the GR Yaris has been optimized for the GR Corolla specifications.

The interior of the GR Corolla features premium sport front seats with dark colors in all areas that are visible to the driver, and a thorough pursuit of holding comfort so that the driver can concentrate on driving.
The leather-wrapped shift knob has the GR logo, and stitching has been added to the shift boot for a sportier look.

The GR Corolla RZ MORIZO Edition, on the other hand, was created by Morizo, the company's president, who personally held the steering wheel of the prototype car in pursuit of "a wildness that will captivate customers.
In the Morizo Edition, the rear seats were removed to make it a two-seater in pursuit of "out-of-the-box speed," and the rear wiper and damping materials were also eliminated to achieve a weight reduction of approximately 30 kg compared to the RZ.
In addition, the cockpit, with its exclusive semi-bucket seats, is painted in a restrained tone of cast black, giving it a more spartan image.
In the powertrain, supercharging pressure has been increased by 10% over the RZ, and maximum torque has been increased from 370 Nm in the RZ to 400 Nm, further improving acceleration performance.

Both the GR Corolla RZ and the GR Corolla RZ "MORIZO Edition" are a pleasure to drive.