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Added Toyota Aqua GR SPORT. Released on November 29th!

Toyota launched the partially redesigned Aqua with GR SPORT on November 29, 2012.

The upgraded Aqua is now available in four new two-tone body colors and Pop Orange Crystal Shine. In addition, a black and orange interior color and seat covers with a combination of synthetic leather and checkered fabric are newly available for the Z grade.
In addition, automatic anti-dazzle inner mirrors with a drive recorder are now available as an option for all grades.

The first-generation GR SPORT was born in 2017 as a sports conversion vehicle series by TGR, inheriting the sporty driving performance from the Aqua G's.
The second-generation AQUA GR SPORT, which is now on sale, follows the concept of "the joy of driving at will," which has remained unchanged since its birth, and offers improved handling stability and acceleration performance compared to the previous-generation AQUA GR SPORT.

Driving performance has been improved by strengthening the body rigidity and tuning the suspension and power steering control, utilizing the knowledge gained through TGR's goal of "creating a better car with motor sports as its starting point. The suspension has been refined to follow various road surfaces while maintaining the comfortable ride of the base model, the Aqua.


In addition, the development of the Aqua GR SPORT was also carried out by the development driver of the "GR" series, and the goal was to carry over the "driving taste" of the "GR" series to the "GR SPORT" as well.
The hexagonal mesh shape of the grille is based on the "G" of GR, and is symmetrically positioned in relation to the center of the vehicle. The triangular part of the G motif is shaped at an angle that reflects light to create a three-dimensional effect.


In addition, the use of exclusive bumpers and the wide and low stance of the exclusive design contribute to the improvement of driving performance and aerodynamic performance.
Exclusive equipment for the AQUA GR SPORT includes rigidification parts, suspension, electric power steering control, front bumper and lower decorative bars, radiator grille, rear bumper lower cover, rocker moldings, sporty seats and seat upholstery, and other driving-oriented equipment. The special wheels are designed to be straight and straight.
The exclusive wheels have a sporty design with straight, elongated spokes, and POTENZA RE050A 205/45R17 tires that provide high grip and cornering performance.
The brake calipers, which are excluded from the exclusive wheels, are painted red and bear the GR logo.

Why don't you go for a drive in such a 2nd generation AQUA GR SPORT?