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Mazda launched the large crossover SUV "MAZDA CX-60" in September 2022.

The CX-60 uses a vertically mounted engine and a high-output engine. The drive system is FR, and it is characterized by driving that is different from Mazda's SUV so far. There are four types of powertrains: gasoline, diesel, hybrid (diesel), and plug-in hybrid.

The exterior features a thick front face, long nose and short deck, giving it a strong and dynamic style. Despite its wide body with a total length of 4740mm, width of 1890mm, and height of 1685mm, the minimum turning radius is 5.4m, making it an extremely maneuverable SUV.

There are seven body colors. Three of them use the special rhodium white premium metallic color “TAKUMI-NURI”. TAKUMI-NURI is Mazda's unique painting technology that reproduces hand-painting by artisans.

In the interior, the wide instrument panel and side louvers continue to form the door trim, creating a luxurious space. In addition, the large console makes you feel like an FR. The power seat, which enhances ease of driving and riding comfort, has a 10-way power seat and driving position memory function in the driver's seat.

The driving position memory function recognizes the driver's physique by measuring the position of the eyes with a camera in addition to the height information entered by the driver. The car then automatically adjusts to the appropriate driving position, including seat and electric steering, electric telescopic, active driving display and exterior mirror angles.

Depending on the grade, cloth and Nappa leather are used for the seat material. A large tilt-up panorama sunroof is available on the upper grades.

All grades of the CX-60 powertrain use a vertical engine layout. Four types of engines are available: in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine "SKYACTIV-G 2.5", in-line 6-cylinder diesel "SKYACTIV-D 3.3", in-line 6-cylinder diesel + motor mild hybrid "e-SKYACTIV D", in-line 4-cylinder gasoline + motor PHEV "e-SKYACTIV PHEV".

As for the drive system, FR and 4WD can be selected for gasoline and diesel, and 4WD only for hybrid and his PHEV. The transmission is a newly developed 8-speed AT, which achieves direct starting responsiveness, rhythmic shift intervals, and sharp shifting.

The CX-60 is equipped with the latest advanced safety technology. The advanced grade is equipped with the "Driver Abnormal Response System (DEA)" that detects abnormalities in the driver to avoid accidents and reduce damage, as well as a function that assists in avoiding accidents when turning right or left at intersections.

Would you like to experience the new vertical 6-cylinder engine of the new CX-60?