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Nissan Kicks undergo minor changes!

In July 2022, Nissan Motor released a minor change of the compact SUV "Kicks". In this minor change of Kicks, a new 4WD model equipped with the 2nd generation e-POWER has appeared. In addition, the “Style Edition” featuring a deep and calm brown interior has appeared as a new grade.

In this minor change, the driving performance is mainly new. The installed HR12DE engine remains the same, but the front motor has been changed to the "EM47" type that generates a maximum output of 100 kW (136PS) / 3410-9697 rpm and a maximum torque of 280 Nm (28.6kgfm) / 0-3410 rpm. The motor's output has been improved by approximately 5% and maximum torque by approximately 7%, resulting in less engine starts at low speeds and improved quietness. When SPORT or ECO mode is selected, it is possible to switch to B range, which improves convenience in situations where strong deceleration is required, such as downhill. Fuel consumption in WLTC mode has improved by approximately 6.4% from the conventional 21.6km/L to 23.0km/L.

Until now, Kicks was only a 2WD model, but a new electric 4-wheel drive system "e-POWER 4WD" model has been added to the lineup. As with the current model, the MM48 type is used for the rear motor, demonstrating its power over rough roads and snowy roads, as well as enabling cornering as desired on winding roads.

There are no major changes to the exterior of the Kicks with this minor change, but only the 4WD model has the word "4WD" added below the letters "e-POWER" on the rear emblem.

The interior of the Kicks is the same floating type center console as the Note series, and the design of the center console and shift lever has been renewed. Also, the shift has been changed to electronic shift. There is a pocket on the underside of the center console. Other than the center console, the interior design remains unchanged. The new grade of the Kicks, the Style Edition, features an interior based on a calming, deep brown color and a new design in which the rear combination lamps are connected to the center.

The safety equipment of Kicks is standard equipped with "intelligent around view monitor" and "intelligent rearview mirror" in the upper grade. In addition, all grades come standard with the Intelligent FCW Forward Collision Prediction Warning System, which was first adopted in a compact SUV. A millimeter-wave radar installed in front of the vehicle detects the distance and relative speed of the vehicle two ahead, and warns the driver with a display and an alarm if it determines that the vehicle is in danger. This safety device assists in avoiding dangerous collision situations.

Why don't you go for a drive with the new Kicks equipped with 2nd generation e-POWER?