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Suzuki Landy has undergone a full model change.

Suzuki has fully remodeled the new Landy, a 3-row seat minivan, and released it on August 8, 2022.

The Suzuki Landy is a middle class minivan launched in 2007 as an OEM model of the Nissan Serena. In 2010, the 1st Landy underwent a model change to the 2nd generation to match the 4th generation Nissan Serena. This 3rd generation new Landy has changed to the OEM model of Toyota Noah and has 3 numbers, and the body and displacement have increased.

The exterior of the new Landy adopts almost the same exterior as the Noah. The reflective LED headlamps, hood molding in the same color as the body, and silver front grille make for an impressive design. The difference from Noah is that the Toyota emblem has been changed to the Suzuki emblem.

The interior of the new Landy follows the Noah, with thin blacked-out front pillars and a horizontal instrument panel for good visibility while driving. In addition, the long slide of the second seat is adopted, and various seat arrangements are possible. It provides a spacious and flexible indoor space.

The new Landy lineup includes two types: the 8-seater "G" and the 7-seater "HYBRID G". The powertrain is a combination of a 2-liter naturally aspirated engine + CVT for the "G" and a hybrid + electric CVT based on a 1.8-liter engine for the "HYBRID G". Both are available in 2WD and 4WD. "HYBRID G" is equipped with an electric 4WD system "E-Four" that automatically switches between 4WD and 2WD.

Other features include hands-free dual power sliding doors, a free stop back door is adopted to enhance usability. The hands-free dual power sliding door function has mobile remote controls attached to the sliding doors on both sides, so you can open and close them simply by holding your foot over the sensor under the front door. The free stop backdoor function can stop the backdoor in the middle of opening and closing.

The new Landy's safety equipment includes a model equipped with the same advanced technology as the Noah. Equipped with the new functions of Noah's popular "Proactive Driving Assist" that predicts danger and automatically decelerates on curves to assist the driver, radar cruise control with all vehicle speed tracking function, and lane tracing assist.

The appearance of the new Landy seems to have given a strong impression that Suzuki is deepening its relationship with Toyota.

If you are interested in Noah, why not consider the new Landy as a candidate?