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Toyota Supra partially improved.

30 May 2022

Model Name
Toyota Supra
Little Improvement
Official Announcement
28 April 2022

Toyota Supra

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has made some improvements to the Supra, including improved athletic performance and a new manual transmission setting for the RZ grade.

The Supra is a FR-driven 2-seater sports car equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder engine that has inherited the tradition since its first birth in 1978 and a 4-cylinder engine that can be easily enjoyed.
The current model, the 5th generation Supra, was launched in Japan in 2019 in collaboration with BMW.

In this partial improvement of the Supra, the chassis performance of all grades has been further matured to improve the exercise performance. Roll balance and ride comfort have been improved by tuning the damping characteristics of the AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) and absorber. Furthermore, by changing the characteristics of the stabilizer bush, the responsiveness at the initial stage of steering is improved, and the steering feeling and controllability in the limit range are improved.
In addition, the transmission was set only for the 8-speed sports AT for both RZ and SZ, but a 6-speed manual transmission has been newly set for the RZ grade in pursuit of the enjoyment of operating a high-power engine.
This transmission uses iMT, which controls the computer to achieve the optimum engine speed according to the driver's clutch and shift operation, and automatically blipping during the shift operation for a smooth and smooth feeling. You can enjoy good sports driving. In addition, a function has been added to create excitement during acceleration by tuning the room sound exclusively for manual transmissions.

Toyota Supra

In the exterior of Supra, the forged 19-inch wheel with the newly designed premium titanium dark silver paint has achieved both weight reduction and high rigidity by reviewing the spoke shape and cross-sectional shape, pursuing performance improvement and functional beauty.
This wheel is set only for RZ grade.
The weight of each wheel is reduced by 1.2kg, which contributes to the improvement of riding comfort and steering stability by reducing the unsprung weight.
Volcanic ash gray metallic and Dawn blue metallic are newly set as body colors in all grades, and a new color matte avalanche white metallic is set for RZ in a limited number.
In addition, only the RZ manual specification is differentiated by painting the rear car name emblem in red.

Toyota Supra

For the Supra interior, in addition to the conventional black and ignition red, you can also choose a luxurious tan color interior as an option only for the RZ. In addition, the MT shift knob adopts a spherical shape that is easy to grip and operate from any direction, and the GR logo is arranged on the knob top for a sporty image.

The MT setting that makes driving more enjoyable is attractive.