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Introducing the new BEV Toyota bZ4X / Subaru SOLTERRA.

27 April 2022

Model Name
Toyota bZ4X
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Debut Date
12 May 2022

Toyota bZ4X Subaru SOLTERRA

Toyota / Subaru announced on April 12, 2022 that it will release the bZ4X / SOLTERRA electric vehicle (BEV) from May 12th.
Toyota bZ4X / Subaru SOLTERRA is a medium-class SUV electric vehicle developed jointly by Toyota and Subaru.

Toyota bZ4X Subaru SOLTERRA

The exterior of the bZ4X / SOLTERRA uses a BEV-dedicated platform to achieve a low center of gravity and high rigidity, and is designed to combine an advanced feel with the strength of an SUV.
For the front view, SOLTERRA adopts the same hexagon grille and U-shaped headlights as the conventional Subaru car, and the bZ4X has a hammer head shape that continues from the hood to the upper part of the headlights. It can be said that the fact that both are grillless is a characteristic of electric vehicles.

Toyota bZ4X Subaru SOLTERRA

The interior of the bZ4X / SOLTERRA has adopted a "top mount meter" with the instrument panel placed above the rim of the steering wheel. Equipped with an instrument panel installed in a low position and a large opening panoramic roof to create a feeling of openness.
It also features a fabric-covered instrument panel and a dial-type shift selector. With a distance of 1000mm between the front and rear seats, it is as large as an L-class sedan, making it a cozy space.
The bZ4X is also equipped with a "deformed steering wheel" shaped like a steering wheel.

The bZ4X and SOLTERRA platforms are exclusively for EVs jointly developed by Toyota with Subaru. Lithium-ion batteries with a total power consumption of 71.4kWh are lined up under the floor. An "e-Axle" that integrates a motor, transaxle, and inverter, and an ESU (Electricity Supply Unit) that integrates charging and power distribution functions will also be installed.

In the bZ4X and SOLTERRA powertrains, FWD vehicles have one motor with a maximum output of 150kW on the front. The 4WD vehicle is equipped with one 80kW motor on the front and one on the rear, producing a total maximum output of 160kW.
In addition, Subaru's AWD control technology "X-MODE" is adopted for 4WD vehicles, and it is also equipped with "Grip-Control" that can realize high running performance from daily use to off-road.

As for charging, it supports normal charging and quick charging, and can be fully charged in about 12 hours at 200V and 30A for normal charging, and up to about 80% in about 40 minutes for quick charging.
The cruising range per charge (WLTC mode) is 559km for FWD vehicles and 540km for 4WD vehicles.

As for safety equipment, both bZ4X and SOLTERRA will be equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense.

In terms of sales method, Toyota bZ4X is characterized by being offered only by the subscription service "KINTO". Subaru SOLTERRA will be on sale normally.

bZ4X and SOLTERRA. Which do you choose?

Toyota bZ4X Subaru SOLTERRA