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Honda's new "CIVIC e: HEV" equipped with the latest hybrid system is now available.

27 April 2022

Model Name
Honda CIVIC e: HEV
Little Improvement
Debut Date
July 2022

Honda CIVIC e: HEV

Since its launch last year, Honda has added the new "CIVIC e: HEV", an e: HEV model that combines a newly developed 2.0L direct injection engine and an evolved hybrid unit to the popular CIVIC for sporty driving.

e: HEV is a global unified name for a two-motor hybrid system with high efficiency and low fuel consumption, which is Honda's core technology for electrification. "e:" has the meaning of "electric", "energy", and "energize" (to energize everyone's smiles and energy).
e: HEV is a system that adopts the advantages of both a series of hybrid systems and a parallel system. This is the first time that it will be installed in the CIVIC.

The exterior of the CIVIC e: HEV has only a slight difference in appearance from the previously released gasoline model.
The front grille, window molding, and door mirrors are coordinated in gloss black.
At the rear, the shape of the bumper garnish itself has been changed to make the diffuser-like fins in the center more prominent.
In addition, the front and rear "H" emblems are decorated with blue accents, showing the difference from the gasoline model.

Honda CIVIC e: HEV

The big difference in the interior of the CIVIC e: HEV is that the 10.2 inch LCD meter panel displays a display pattern dedicated to "e: HEV". The power meter on the left moves the animated needle to the right when accelerating. By displaying another needle that indicates the regeneration level when decelerating, it is devised so that the needle does not move up and down frequently.
The energy flow display on the center display is also exclusively for "e: HEV". The shift selector is a push button type, and the "R" button, which is operated by pulling it toward you, has a non-slip feature to improve usability.

The driving motor installed as the main power source of the CIVIC e: HEV has a maximum output of 184PS and a maximum torque of 315Nm. Compared to the already introduced "Insight" with e: HEV, the performance will be improved by 53PS and 48Nm.
The gasoline engine is equipped with a newly developed 2-liter Atkinson cycle gasoline engine. It features a direct injection system optimized for faster and more efficient combustion and higher torque output. In addition, it is an engine that achieves high output while improving fuel efficiency by various technologies such as low temperature active catalyst and design change of intake port.
In addition, it is equipped with a drive mode switch that allows you to enjoy different acceleration feelings for each mode. In addition to "NORMAL mode", "SPORT mode" and "ECON mode", "INDIVIDUAL mode" that allows individual settings such as power and steering feel has also been newly adopted.

Honda SENSING is standard equipment on all CIVIC e: HEV safety equipment.

Let's experience the running of electricity with CIVIC e: HEV.

Honda CIVIC e: HEV