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Toyota PROBOX is partially improved.

7 March 2022

Model Name
Little Improvement
Debut Date
16 January 2022


In December 2021, Toyota partially improved the "PROBOX" commercial van, carefully selected the equipment for hybrid vehicles, and set a new grade "GX" at a lower price.

The PROBOX is an indispensable commercial vehicle for business in Japan, which was launched in 2002. It is a commercial vehicle that can carry up to 5 people in a compact body with a total length of 4.2 m and a front width of 1.69 m, and is active in various applications such as loading capacity that can be expanded by tilting the back seat.

In this partial improvement of the PROBOX, in addition to some changes to the equipment inside the car, the focus will be on the consolidation of grades, the abolition of exterior colors, and the setting of the new grade "GX" for hybrid vehicles.

For gasoline-powered vehicles, the entry-grade "DX" has been abolished and reduced to two types, "G" and "F", which integrate "DX Comfort" and "GL".
On the other hand, in the hybrid, the entry grade "DX" will be changed to "GX", and "DX Comfort", "GL" and "F" will be the same as before. Behind this, it seems that there is an intention to make the lineup centered on hybrid models in order to promote carbon neutrality.

There are no changes to the exterior of the PROBOX.
The body color will be changed to white, silver mica metallic, black mica, and dark blue mica metallic only.

In the new PROBOX grades "GX" and "G", the power windows are set to the front seats only, and the rear seats are manual. In addition, the price is kept down by using bare cloth for the door handle and back door garnish.
Other equipment includes an electrically retractable remote control door mirror and privacy glass with UV protection (rear door, rear quarter, back door).


In the interior of the PROBOX, accessory outlets (AC100V, 100W) are standard equipment on all grades, except for the newly set "GX".
There are still plenty of equipment that is easy for workers to use, such as a multi-holder that is ideal for placing smartphones and instrument panel trays that are easily accessible from the driver's seat.
Genuine FM / AM radio is treated as an option and audioless has been standardized.

Toyota Safety Sense is standard equipment on all models of the PROBOX safety function.
In addition, the idling stop function is standard equipment on 1.5L liter 2WD gasoline vehicles.

The PROBOX powertrain is 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters for the 1.5 liter hybrid system and the gasoline engine. 1.3 liters is set only for "G".
Also, 4WD can be selected only for gasoline engines.

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