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A minor change to the Nissan Caravan diesel model.

14 March 2022

Model Name
Nissan Caravan diesel model
Official Announcement
28 February 2022

JDM Nissan Caravan diesel model

In February 2022, Nissan made a minor change to the diesel model of the commercial van "Caravan." The caravan is a one-box model with a luggage compartment length of 3050 mm, which is the top in the small cargo car class (classified as "4 number" in Japan).

This caravan minor change will be diesel only.
The gasoline model has undergone a minor change in October last year.
The changes in the exterior design and the interior with a calm atmosphere based on black are the same as the gasoline specifications.

JDM Nissan Caravan diesel model
In the caravan exterior, the grille and bumper design has changed significantly, similar to the gasoline car improved in October 2021.
The V of the front V-motion grille has been made more modest, and the bumper has been changed to a heavy design. In addition, three new body colors have been added: Pure White Pearl, Midnight Black, and Stealth Gray.

JDM Nissan Caravan diesel model

JDM Nissan Caravan diesel model
The interior of the caravan creates a calm atmosphere based on black, just like a gasoline car. The advanced drive assist display shows the outside air temperature in addition to the drive computer and sign detection.
In addition, the high-end model "Premium GX" is equipped with a new fine vision meter with significantly improved visibility and operability.
The steering has adopted a new shape "D-type steering", and the seat trim has been redesigned with a new fabric, and the texture has been greatly improved. In addition, a "seat with spinal support function" that reduces driving fatigue is standard equipment on all vehicles.

In the caravan powertrain, Nissan's 2.5-liter straight-four diesel turbo YD25 type has been changed to Mitsubishi's 2.4-liter straight-four diesel turbo 4N16 type.
The 4N16 type is the latest model of the 4N1 type engine and produces a maximum output of 132PS and a maximum torque of 370Nm. The acceleration performance unique to diesel boasts the highest number in its class. In addition, by adopting the urea SCR system for exhaust gas treatment, it is also compliant with the 2018 exhaust gas regulations.
In addition, the adoption of a multi-stage 7-speed transmission has improved fuel efficiency by 12% to 13.9km / L (JC08 mode).

The caravan's safety features include intelligent emergency braking, misstep collision prevention assistance, sign detection function, lane departure warning, and intelligent DA (stagger warning) as standard equipment.

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