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Toyota Noah and Voxy have undergone a full model change.

24 February 2022

Model Name
Toyota Noah/Voxy
Debut Date
13 January 2022

JDM Toyota Voxy Front

Launched in November 2001, Noah and Voxy were developed as compact cab wagons that thoroughly pursued the joy of a minivan, such as a sliding door that makes it easy to get on and off, and a spacious and comfortable interior space that can carry many people and luggage.
The 4th generation Noah and Voxy were born as "more comfortable," "more convenient," and "more secure" minivans that make everyone want to go out with what they want to do.

JDM Toyota Noah Front

JDM Toyota Noah Rear
In this full model change of Noah and Voxy, we are pursuing a "dignified and dynamic powerful box" style by inheriting and deepening the maximization of interior space and the powerful box-likeness that we have pursued in successive models. It is a model that provides users with peace of mind and the joy of owning.

For the exterior of the new Noah and Voxy, the TNGA platform (GA-C) has been adopted as the platform that forms the backbone of the car. The overall length and wheelbase are the same as the previous generation, but the overall width is 1730 mm and the size has increased.

The front mask of the new Noah has a simple and royal road style design. Voxy combines a thin headlight with a square lower part, and adopts a three-dimensional structure with strong contrast and a unique front mask.
Around the rear, the light emitting part is arranged in an L shape from the conventional vertical type. Voxy has adopted an L-shape like Noah, but adopted a light emitting part in the horizontal tone to make a clear differentiation.
In addition, we have set new body colors such as "high-quality black glitter black glass flakes" and "dark and profound massive gray". Noah has 5 colors (6 colors for "S-Z" and "S-G" grades), and Voxy has 6 colors.

JDM Toyota Noah / Voxy Instrument panel

JDM Toyota Noah / Voxy Instrument panel

JDM Toyota Noah / Voxy Gear shift
In the interior of the new Noah and Voxy, the slim front pillars that are blacked out, the instrument panel that is low and wide with a horizontal tone, the door trim, the assist grip and the air conditioner outlet are functionally arranged. It is a layout that takes into consideration the visibility and movement of the line of sight.
Noah is available not only in a fearless black color, but also in bright and pale colors and a brown color that makes you remember a high-end car in a calm atmosphere.

JDM Toyota Noah / Voxy Rear seat

JDM Toyota Noah / Voxy Rear seat
In addition, the second seat has changed significantly, and an ultra-long slide has been adopted, improving usability and comfort.
The 7-seater captain seat uses an ultra-long slide with a slide amount of 745 mm.
In addition, the 8-seater uses a 3-seater bench seat type 6: 4 split tip-up seat, achieving a slide amount of 705 mm.

In the powertrain of the new Noah and Voxy, the "series parallel hybrid system" that has evolved to the 5th generation has been adopted. Both the motor and battery combined with the 1.8-liter straight-four DOHC gasoline engine have high output and high efficiency.
In addition, the 4WD E-Four improves the output of the rear motor and enhances the assist performance during acceleration. Furthermore, high steering stability is achieved by optimal control of front and rear wheel torque distribution during cornering.
Gasoline vehicles are equipped with a 2.0-liter dynamic force engine and a 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine. It is an engine that achieves both torque increase and fuel efficiency improvement in the entire area at a high level.
Moreover, the transmission becomes Direct Shift-CVT, and the automatic continuously variable transmission with a gear mechanism + 10-speed sequential shiftmatic is adopted.

For the safety features of the new Noah and Voxy, Toyota Safety Sense has been adopted for all vehicles, and Proactive Driving Assist [PDA], which casually supports safe driving, has been adopted for the first time under the Toyota brand.
PDA is a system that supports driving operations so as not to get too close to danger by pre-reading risks according to the driving situation such as "crossing pedestrians" and "may pop out".

Which do you choose, Noah or Voxy, a minivan full of the latest features?

JDM Toyota Voxy Rear