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From May 2020, TOYOTA dealers have been integrated into one sales channel nationwide.

20 Apr 2021

TOYOTA dealers had four affiliated stores, Toyota store, Toyopet store, Corolla store, and Netz store, but from May 2020, they will be integrated into one sales channel nationwide and will be treated as all stores selling all models.

In the Tokyo area, Toyota Mobility Tokyo, which integrates four sales companies, has already been launched.

Until now, TOYOTA has four dealers, "Toyota," "Toyopet," "Corolla," and "Netz," and each dealer has sold different models.

For example, at the Toyota store, Crown and Land Cruiser. At the Toyopet store, Harrier and Alphard. At the Corolla store, Corolla and Noah. At the Netz store, Yaris and Voxy.

In this way, there were exclusive car models for each dealer.

By integrating the dealers, we will be able to freely sell the leading exclusive models of other affiliated stores that could not be sold until now.

When a user offered to purchase an exclusive model of another affiliated store, he only introduced it to the exclusive store, but it was not reflected in the sales performance, but from now on, any model can be sold.

In the future, sister cars such as Voxy / Noah / Esquire / Alphard / Vellfire will be unified, which will contribute to the reduction of development costs.

The disadvantage of the dealer integration is that the four affiliated stores sell the same model, so co-eating occurs frequently and profits are likely to deteriorate due to oversale.

In addition, since it will not be possible to monopolize the exclusive vehicle model, users will flow to other dealers, and there is a possibility that profits will decrease.

Furthermore, in the future, if the sister cars are unified, some dealers will have fewer exclusive models, and competition is expected to intensify.

The advantage to users of the integration of dealers is that Toyota cars can be bought at all TOYOTA stores, so there is no need to go to multiple stores, and dealers can compete for discounts so that they can buy as cheaply as possible.

You can buy all models from the dealers and salespeople you have been acquainted with, so you don't have to change dealers.

Another advantage is that you can receive maintenance services at any dealer.

The disadvantage of users due to the integration of dealers is that the competition between TOYOTA affiliated stores will intensify in the future, and stores that have lost the battle may be closed.

There seems to be no major disadvantage, as there are only concerns about what happens to aftercare after the store where the product was purchased is closed.