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Shimenawa is a traditional Japanese culture during the New Year.

20 Dec 2020

What is Shimenawa

Shimenawa is one of the Japanese cultures and has the meaning of "preparing to welcome God."

From the end of the year to the beginning of the year, it is habit to deisplay the entrance of a shrine, house or company. It is also common to display it on the front of a car.

Therefore, it can be called JDM.

However, the number of cars with shimenawa is displayed recently. The installation rate will be about 1 in 20.

It is believed that there are several reasons for this.

- The New Year's culture in Japan has diminished
- The car may be scratched
- Car rental and car sharing are widespread

However, it has a high visual impact and is a popular accessory for car lovers.

Why don't you install shimenawa and appeale in your country?