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What is JDM? And what is attractiveness?

27 Oct 2020

In recent years, the demand of Japanese cars has been increasing overseas.

Japanese sporty cars are especially popular due to games, anime and movies such as Gran Turismo, The Fast and the Furious, Initial D and Wangan Midnight.

That is where the "JDM" specifications come into play. JDM is means "Japanese domestic market".

The following topics are introduced in this article.

- What is JDM?
- Attractiveness of JDM
- Popular JDM models
- Advantages and disadvantages of JDM

Let's get closer to the reality of "JDM", which is very popular in overseas!

What is JDM?

Just time, I said that JDM is "Japanese Domestic Market". However, this doesn't tell us the actual situation of JDM in detail, so it would like to check it in a little more detail.

Customization of JDM specification is generally conscious of the genuine condition of Japanese cars sold in oversea, and then add Japanese style items.

In other words, Japanese car sold in oversea will be changed to look like Japanese car sold in Japan.

Customization parts include the exterior parts, but there are also many performance parts such as the engine, brakes, and suspension.

Actually, some people import these parts from Japan for maintainance or sell them, so it can be said JDM is so popular.

Attractiveness of JDM

The attractiveness of JDM is that you can make it your own customization.

Japanese cars are very popular overseas as well and their value is becoming to high year by year.

In such a situation, customizing a car to Japanese specifications using Japanese parts means that you can make a unique, original customized car that doesn't look like anyone else.

Such cars were rare in the past, but and now Japanese cars are known by many people influence of The Fast and the Furious, Gran Turismo, and Initial D.

So if you own a cool JDM customized car, you will be the center of attention.

Popular JDM models

Popular models of JDM are sporty cars such as Supra, Skyline GT-R, Lanecer Evolution etc, but compact cars, SUVs, big sedans are also very populer.

After all, it can see that cars are popular in Japan are also popular overseas.

Supra and Skyline GT-R which are increasing in value in Japan are also traded at prices that exceed those of luxury cars overseas.

In addition, there are cars that cost over 10 millions JPY for Skyline GT-R.

The more people want to get it at the price of a supercar, the more valuable and popular it is.

Skyline GT-R is becoming such a valuable car because it's said to be cheered when it's running around town.

Advantages and disadvantages of JDM specifications

Speaking of the advantages of JDM customization is that it can make to unique car for you.

Models that were released 15-25 years ago have more customization parts, so it maybe, they can be customized more than the new sporty cars on sale now.

For those who usually customized their own car, these parts are still very attractive.

However, there are also disadvantages in JDM specifications...

If it is to import JDM parts directly from Japan, the import cost will be increased accordingly, so the total price of import become high.

Besides, parts for old cars as than 25 years old are decreasing rapidly.

And, they are unlikely to be sold again, so if they break down they can be difficult to repair.

Also, it cannot be fit that the parts may be different between overseas specification like USDM, and the JDM specification car.

It is also necessary to check the compatibility of these parts to make sure that they are actually suitable.

Lastly, the safety standards are different between Japan and overseas.

For example, in Japan it drives on the left side of the road and in almost other countries are drived on the right side.

Therefore, the optical axis of the headlight is different between Japan and overseas.

Therefore, if customized to JDM specifications, it may not be able to pass the car inspection.

And, exhaust gas regulations, safety standards, and environmental standards may be different, so you need to research whether there is no problem in advance.

However, the JDM will be a cool customization, and I think it will be a satisfying finish for Japanese car fans.

Summary About JDM

What do you think JDM?

I introduced JDM. Demand for Japanese cars become high in overseas, and JDM specifications are also attracting more attention.

From now on, it seems that there will be more opportunities to see Japanese cars in overseas, and I think there will be more opportunities to see JDM specification custom cars in the future.

Would you like to customize it to JDM specifications?

We are dealing all JDM parts, accessories etc. So please please do not hesitate to contact JDM Yamato!!

Have a fun with your JDM car :-)