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Honda dealer vehicle inspection quote.

9 March 2022

Hello, this is Hyuga!

Our company car, Step WGN, will be inspected.
Before the vehicle inspection, I went to a Honda dealer to get an estimate of the vehicle inspection cost.

What is vehicle inspection?

Here in Japan, regular vehicle inspections are required by law.
In the vehicle inspection, we will "inspect" whether or not it conforms to the "security standards" stipulated in the "Road Transport Vehicle Law" of Japan.

The expiration date of the vehicle inspection is set according to the type of passenger car, truck, or other large vehicle, and it must be carried out by the end of that period.
The period for passenger cars is 3 years for the first time and 2 years for the second and subsequent times.


It is the inspection situation by Honda mechanic man.

As a result of the inspection, it was determined that the front and rear calipers, lower arm boots, airflow tubes, spark plugs, etc. need to be replaced.
The total estimate of parts cost + replacement cost was about 180,000 yen.
The Step WGN is a 2009 model, and it's a model that has been around for a long time, so it's a unavoidable situation.

By the way, JDM Yamato staff Kazuhiro's Toyota Vellfire also underwent a vehicle inspection last month.
His car was inspected for the fifth year, and since it is a relatively new model, it was only inspected and there was no replacement of parts, and the cost was 100,000 yen.

In addition, the Step WGN has a defective lighting of the right headlight, so it must be replaced before the vehicle inspection.
I will post the exchange situation again next time, so please look forward to it!

Have a nice day.

Thank you for the reading :-)