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Japanese hot spring culture is the best

28 April 2022


Hello, this is Maeda from the JDM Yamato staff.
This time, I would like to introduce one of the Japanese hot spring cultures, "Ashiyu".

In Japan, the temperature is warm and sunny at this time of year, and the air is refreshing and easy to spend.
There are also long holidays, and the chances of going on a trip by car will increase.
And the fun of driving is a rest in the "service area (SA)" and "parking area (PA)".
Seeing dishes and souvenirs made with local specialties will make your trip even more exciting.

However, if you drive in the same posture for a long time, you will get tired.
In the service area, you can stretch to loosen your body while driving.
If you want to refresh yourself, we recommend using "Ashiyu".


"Ashiyu" is one of the foot care bathing methods, which has been popular for a long time in Japan, where hot spring culture has developed.
Since the footbath is soaked in hot water below the knees, you can take a bath without taking off your clothes and warm your whole body.
The burden on the heart and internal organs is small, and the relaxing effect is high.

Some service areas in Japan are equipped with "Ashiyu" equipment.
You can relax while enjoying the scenery of the four seasons.
If you have a chance to travel in Japan, please drop in!

Thank you for the reading :-)