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From June 2022, the shipping cost of EMS will increase.

27 April 2022


Hello, this is Kazuhiro.

This time, it will be a disappointing delivery.
Japan Post has announced that the shipping fee for EMS will be increased from June 1st.
According to Japan Post, delivery volumes are increasing worldwide due to the spread of online shopping, and delivery costs such as labor costs are rising in each country.
In order to maintain the service, it was decided that it was necessary to stabilize profits by raising prices.
This means that this price increase is permanent, not temporary.

In addition to EMS, we have FedEx and DHL accounts, and we use them properly depending on the shipping destination.
And EMS is mainly used in Asia.
FedEx and DHL are the main products in the US, Oceania, EU, etc., so there is no impact.

JDM Yamato is also planning to change the shipping fee setting around May 20th.
We would like to ask our customers in Asia to understand this price increase.

Thank you for the reading :-)