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I exchanged it for HID.

14 March 2022

Hello. This is Kazuhiro.

Continuing from last week, the weather here in Japan is pleasant this weekend as well. (3/12, 17 degrees, Osaka)
Well, today I will replace the fog light bulb.

By the way, recently, LEDs such as headlights and taillights have become mainstream.
The LED penetration rate in new cars in Japan is about 70%, and most of the new cars are equipped with LEDs.
About 10 to 20 years ago, HID was the mainstream, and before that, halogen was the mainstream.
Which one do you like? I like HID.

The appeal of HID is the rich Kelvin lineup.
It is also attractive that the user has a high choice, but I am fascinated by the process of gradually changing from pale light immediately after lighting to white light. (There may be few people who can agree. Haha)

My car is Vellfire, which is the cheapest grade of the 2017 model, so the fog lights are halogen type.
Today, I will replace the halogen light with HID.

The HID kit prepared this time is a product sold by the Japanese company "HID YA".
It is 12000 Kelvin of 35W.
12000 Kelvin is a little too blue for me, so 0000 Kelvin is ideal, but I bought 12000 Kelvin because it is out of stock.

Let's install it now!
I attached the right side and confirmed the lighting. it is a good feeling!
Compared to the original halogen on the left, it still has a strong bluish tint.

Next is the exchange on the left side. ... What? The HID burner does not fit in the socket.
I removed the installed right side and checked the claws of the socket.
Huh? The shape is different on the right and left.

I tried to check with customer support, but today was Saturday and it was out of business hours.
Unfortunately, that's all for today's work.
We will contact you at the beginning of the week and will probably resume work next weekend.

See you again!

Thank you for the reading :-)