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HID headlight bulb replacement.

28 March 2022

Hello. This is Hyuga.
This time, we will replace the burner of the headlight of the company car Step WGN.

The other day, I posted about vehicle inspection,
The defective headlight needs to be repaired in order to pass the vehicle inspection.
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We have already confirmed the cause of the failure in advance and have already found that there is a problem with the burner.

The burner prepared this time is D2S 35W and 6000 Kelvin.
Kelvin is a unit that expresses color temperature, and the higher the value, the bluer the light.
In Japan, it is necessary to be about 6000 Kelvin or less to pass the vehicle inspection.

Well, let's replace it immediately.
Oh? Perhaps because the weather is nice and warm today, my pets Leo and Laiya are watching over my work while basking in the sun.

First, check the current situation. After all, the left side is not lit.

All you have to do is remove the burner and replace it, but the area around the light socket is
There is not much space and it is not easy to work.
When installing, pay attention to the orientation of the protrusions on the burner.
You need to align the pins to fix it as shown in the picture.
If you pay attention only here, there will be no problem.

So, the work is completed.
It looks like the colors are slightly different on the left and right, but the colors are the same depending on the amount of light.

Now that we are ready for the vehicle inspection, let's go!

Have a nice day today!
Thank you for the reading :-)