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About shipping large items.

30 March 2022

Hello, this is Kazuhiro.
This time, we received an order from a Taiwanese customer for large items such as front bumpers and hoods.


JDM Yamato does not sell large items such as bumpers on its website for the following two reasons.
繝サ The shipping fee will be very high.
繝サ It is difficult to know the exact shipping cost in advance.
However, by clearing this problem, it is possible to sell large products like this time.

In this case, the customer has arranged a forwarder company to transport the goods from Japan to Taiwan.
We do not ship directly to Taiwan, we ship the goods to the designated company.

On the other hand, for customers who cannot arrange a forwarder company, we will propose shipping by Fedex or DHL.
For example, when shipping to the United States, the price is approximately $ 2,500 for a size of 190 x 80 x 70 (cm). (Price as of March 2022)
It's not cheap, but if you have any large parts you need, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for the reading :-)